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Potatogate 2020

So if you know about “Odd but Nice“, you will remember that I used to make the occasional panel comic or odd joke. I haven’t updated that blog in a while, but this week something significant happened. Again.


This is a potato that was sent to me.

If you recall from THIS POST five years ago – I had been offered a free potato from mailaspud but since they only mailed to the USA my offer of a free potato was redacted.

Also, if you recall THIS POST from about four years ago – I got a random potato mailed to me from an anonymous source.

So when out of the blue I got a ring on my doorbell and found a giant package, I was already very excited because we all know my reactions vary when it comes to mail size.

When I looked to the package I was confused to see that the package was actually intended for Gizmo. My cat.

When I opened the package there was a potato. And on it said:

“I don’t even like potatoes – Gizmo”

Additionally, there was a piece of paper inside that had a link to this blog on it.

I was confused. Then I understood the reference. Then I couldn’t stop laughing.

Then I was obsessed.

I tried face-booking friends. Interrogating my husband.

Then calling random people to see if there was any chance they sent it.

Then I tried e-mailing the guy from the mailaspud to see if he sent it.

Days have passed and I haven’t come up a solution. I am no closer to finding out the truth.

I will be trying to update as much as possible

If you have any leads, please don’t hesitate to send them to or my personal Facebook. Thank you and here is to solving #potatogate2020 !!!


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