Why I mailed a potato

I like to draw. While I was never really a natural artist, I have slowly been able to develop the skill of free hand copying simple pictures or images. At its earliest stage, I mainly used my novice skills for drawing cartoons with a whiteboard marker on our bathroom mirror. Nowadays, I mainly draw on my son’s little whiteboard/chalkboard combo for his entertainment. His entertainment usually involves me drawing simple characters, animals, shapes or numbers. Also Pickup trucks. I think I have drawn about 15 pickup trucks in the past week.

I recently bought a cheap drawing tablet purely for entertainment and COVID hobbyist purposes. While my son did enjoy the first digital picture that I drew (a cartoon excavator), I wanted a project to work on so that I could practice using the tablet and Photoshop. As my favourite hand drawn blogs had an easy to copy art style, I knew that my next project had to be an Odd but Nice clone. While I was thinking about what to draw, the troll in me was thinking about how I could take things to the next level. The steps were as follows:

  1. I need something reasonable and fun to draw > I’ll draw an odd but nice clone!
  2. Katelyn always has great reactions > I’ll create a secret troll blog!
  3. How do I take this to the next level? > I’ll mail a potato!

Off I went. Using Odd but Nice as my reference, over the next couple of evenings, I slowly redrew all of her Potatogate2016 pictures by hand in Photoshop. While the first couple of pictures took a really long time, near the end, I was starting to get the hang of it.

Finally, to complete the troll, a potato was purchased, packaged and mailed (unfortunately with a tracking number) to Katelyn’s house. My wife and I waited in anticipation for the epic Facebook post that was likely to appear in our news feeds in the next couple of days. While the initial Facebook reaction and post were great, it was a little strange that there was limited mention of this blog. My thoughts were confirmed when my wife sent me the below screenshot (at this point, Katelyn didn’t know it was me):

My wife (In blue) made a great effort to point out the hard drawn nature of the imitation blog

“they took my drawings but added new words?!” It was obvious that Katelyn did not see that the pictures were lovingly redrawn by hand. She completely overlooked the long nights away from my family to create these remastered images by hand. Instead, she thought that i had copied her images and done something quick and easy like adding some words to the blog. I shed one single tear.

Its probably because my drawings were just too good, right?

Anyways, I don’t actually care that she didn’t initially see my hard work and I’m glad that she got a laugh. I always loved her initial blog for its storytelling, humor and simple but very effective artwork.

One of my side goals of this little troll was to hopefully spark a tiny bit of life back to oddbutnice. I am not sure that will happen, but i am hopeful!

Potatogate 2020

So if you know about “Odd but Nice“, you will remember that I used to make the occasional panel comic or odd joke. I haven’t updated that blog in a while, but this week something significant happened. Again.


This is a potato that was sent to me.

If you recall from THIS POST five years ago – I had been offered a free potato from mailaspud but since they only mailed to the USA my offer of a free potato was redacted.

Also, if you recall THIS POST from about four years ago – I got a random potato mailed to me from an anonymous source.

So when out of the blue I got a ring on my doorbell and found a giant package, I was already very excited because we all know my reactions vary when it comes to mail size.

When I looked to the package I was confused to see that the package was actually intended for Gizmo. My cat.

When I opened the package there was a potato. And on it said:

“I don’t even like potatoes – Gizmo”

Additionally, there was a piece of paper inside that had a link to this blog on it.

I was confused. Then I understood the reference. Then I couldn’t stop laughing.

Then I was obsessed.

I tried face-booking friends. Interrogating my husband.

Then calling random people to see if there was any chance they sent it.

Then I tried e-mailing the guy from the mailaspud to see if he sent it.

Days have passed and I haven’t come up a solution. I am no closer to finding out the truth.

I will be trying to update as much as possible

If you have any leads, please don’t hesitate to send them to missoddbutnice@gmail.com or my personal Facebook. Thank you and here is to solving #potatogate2020 !!!

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